Behind the scenes of the RNLI 24 hour Race

Cate Whitesides thoughts on the weekend

Well 2 visits to the cash and carry prior to the weekend of the 24 hour race then a round tour of 3 supermarkets on the Friday before, a final cash and carry on the Saturday morning and the galley was as stocked as it was going to be.  Except I forgot the bread for toast for the breakfast and the milk started to run short on Sunday.  However as with the running of the galley over the full weekend everyone pulled together and I don't think any one went hungry.  Even my one visiting vegetarian was very accomodating.  60+ burgers, 100+ sausages, 200+ rolls etc..... I have just about stopped counting in my sleep.

Once the race began at 1pm the teams had to 'man' the galley in 1 hour stints.  A lot of the team members have visited the club for previous 24hour races so quickly reaquainted themselves with where everything was.

The BBQ was run by the Anderson Brown family caterers before they disappeared on a father and sons holiday early on Sunday morning.  Many thanks - It is difficult ensuring there is food ready over a long period to take account of sailing and duty shift changes. 

I missed Bob and Doreen who always used to do 'The Breakfast'.  I hope I stepped in to their shoes adequately.  I'm not sure on the total egg count but not one was broken.  I don't normally manage that at home.  Thank you everyone for not being too particular with what you were served, I couldn't have coped with no beans on one, no tomatoes on another!  We got a great system running with plates laid out as an order was taken and I was able to see at a glance how many were waiting for breakfasts.  There was only a small delay when the final batch of sausages was cooked. 

All in all not bad as I am not sure I managed even an hours sleep due to a mixture of concern at ensuring my sailors Steve and Hannah were at the right place at the right time, and the high of the weekend keeping me from my sleeping bag.

I escaped for a couple of hours on Sunday to take Hannah to school as she had rehearsals to attend for a school show.  It was only then I realised how tired I was.  On my return it was back to the high of the event.  The wind had got up again and the sailors were having a great time.

 Thanks to all of those who did their stints in the galley - Our hard work was much appreciated.