PTBO 2017

A big “Thank You” to everyone who came and helped with our Push The Boat Out event on May 13th and also to the scouts for providing much-needed sustenance with their excellent barbecue.

Turnout at this sort of event is heavily weather dependent so we were extremely fortunate that the weather gods were smiling down on us with just enough wind to get the juices flowing but not so much that you end swimming rather than sailing.

The Argos are ideal boats for introducing newcomers to sailing as they are roomy, stable and quite forgiving. They performed exceptionally well on the day and showed what a great asset they are to the club.

As well as the Argos we had a selection of other boats on the water.

Nick was kind enough to launch “Gloria”, a gaff-rigged, clinker-built boat with traditional lines that really wowed the visitors. She also showed a good turn of speed in the freshening breeze.

Robert had one of the club’s Picos on the water for those youngsters happy to leave Mum & Dad on the shore and go it alone.

For anyone with prior experience we had a couple of Toppers rigged. Of course prior experience doesn’t mean you won’t capsize as one young lady found out. Fortunately she’d brought a wet-suit.

All of the boats were kept busy throughout the day and we fully expect to see a rise in course bookings and memberships as a result.