The Cambridgeshire Youth League started off today at Cam Sailing Club. Around about 26 boats took part with 2 of them from Paxton Lakes Sailing Club. I was sailing a Laser Radial while Robert sailed his Topper for the event. The forecast showed a steady 15 knots gusting 17 knots, however the wind changed all over the day.

The first race was interesting with 4 different starts, to fit all the boats on the start line, and competitive sailing from a lot of the sailors. The Laser’s start was quite heated, with many protests, letting me get away from them. However, this didn’t last as long as I had hoped, as I managed to death roll on the downwind leg.

The second race was chaotic. The wind speeds picked up quite substantively, resulting in many capsizes and collisions with the small amount of water between all of us.

Finally, the last race was completely different as the wind dropped to around 15 knots. This was very shifty and gusty conditions making it challenging to many of the competitors.

Robert raced very well today considering this was his first Cambs Youth League event, achieving 17th overall, giving him a good position in the series. Also, even with a few mistakes in the first few races, I came 6th overall which I’m quite pleased with.

Fingers crossed for the Paxton team at the next Cambs Youth League event, which is taking place at Grafham Water on the 4th June.

Report by William Russell